Ladies’ Auxiliary

Ladies’ Auxiliary

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington
and the Ladies’ Auxiliary… A remarkable partnership

For over 50 years, the Ladies’ Auxiliary has helped the Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington provide affordable programs and services for Arlington’s young people and their families.

The Club is supported partially by the United Way of Metropolitan Tarrant County, but with an annual budget of approximately $2.6 million, their allocations provide only about 17% of the needed revenue.

Alternate resources are necessary for operational expenditures as well as capital improvements, major equipment purchases and program funding. The Ladies’ Auxiliary has played a critical role in securing this additional revenue. With the success of the Cinderella Ball these resources have increased over the years but still only provide about 16% of the annual budget. With Club expenditures running about $216,000.00 per month, that calculates to about three months of funding. The remaining revenues are raised through grants, corporate sponsors, individual annual giving, and special fund-raising events such as the Annual Golf Tournament, Party for a Purpose, Champions for Kids Luncheon. In addition to financial efforts, the Auxiliary has a long history of assisting the Club with volunteer support at these special events. Whether the need is large or small, the Auxiliary stands ready to aid the Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington and their many challenges. This partnership between the Ladies’ Auxiliary and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Arlington Board of Directors is unlike any other that exists among Boys & Girls Clubs across the country.

We help the Club provide the best in facilities and program equipment! Over the years, the Auxiliary has provided funds for: Major facilities renovations, improvements, and construction Including the Don Kromer Branch, the Southeast Branch, the Main Branch, and the administrative offices Vehicle purchase and repair Office equipment purchase, repair and maintenance Youth program funding and facilitation An annual monetary academic scholarship for the BGCA Youth of the Year as well as select Cinderella candidates.

Ladies’ Auxiliary Leadership

President … Dana Queenan
1st Vice-President … Julie Cerza
2nd Vice-President … Sonjia Fields
Secretary … Kari Jordan
Treasurer … Julie Gilliland – Cristy Duke
Parliamentarian … LouAnn O’Donnell

Past Presidents: Mrs. Adolph Reinhardt, Mrs. B.J. Fuller, Mrs. Gerald Monroe, Mrs. Darel Spangler, Mrs. John Kearley, Mrs. Ed McGowan, Mrs. James Miller, Ms. Sue Stevens-Durbec, Mrs. Pete Link, Mrs. Jack Riley, Mrs. Rodger Groves, Mrs. Dick Davis, Mrs. Diane Frost, Ms. Priscilla Hankinson Mills, Mrs. Peter Hatton, Mrs. Don Illingworth, Mrs. Dave Cradick, Mrs. Glenn Ezell, Mrs. Paul Knuckley, Mrs. CurtisVonDerAhe, Mrs. Robert Malone, Mrs. James Bass, Mrs. Craig Hubble and Mrs. Bill Spradlin, Ms. Suzanne McCabe, Mrs. John Landry, LouAnn O’Donnell.